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org13_crack's Journal

Organization 13 Crack
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i think maybe.. while this is crack and just for fun... maybe some rules?
okay,most of them will be useless, but if for some reason we need them, they'll be there.

1) if you have a problema with someone on here, by all means, complain to me. Don't post here, or bitch to them about it.
Because, really, no ones gonna care BUT me. And i might even care either.

So, in other words: DON'T START DRAMA. (save that for your mama~)

2) Don't tell someone how they're character would be. If there's one thing that irks me, its that. They are free to make it as accurate (or inaccurate) as they please.

3) don't ask for chars already taken. I will smack you with a coconut if you do.

4) (VERY IMPORTANT) you may pimp out as many coms/fics/pics/randomness as you see fit.
I've got no problem with it, and in fact i enjoy popping in and seeing random things.

5) If you feel the need to fan girl, by all means, do so. I'm a rabid!Demyx fan girl myself.

6) (ALSO IMPORTANT)Yaoi is allowed. As long as theres no blatant sexing going on i don't mind :3 (and if there is blatant sexing going on, put it under a lj-cut when you make your rp post :3)

7) When you want to reply to something, comment on it. Don't make a whole new thread. D: Headaches are had when I have to remember what goes where XD!


Demyx = koromo
Axel = Joannad
roxas= yakunitatanai
larxene = justaeffnnumber
xenmas = conjure_lass
Saix = Kastia
Hey, We need alot of people.

If you want to join, please Leave me a message on my livejournal or
comment on the most recent entry in the rp.
Live journal name: Koromo
Email me @ : CarrieFinal@yahoo.com
then just add yourself to the community and start rping.