That retard with the guitar (koromo) wrote in org13_crack,
That retard with the guitar

(A new RP) In Town.... Demyx's sugar addiction rears its ugly head.

Demyx sighed, and shook his head. "I can't believe I got there just after they closed..." He pouted , his protruding bottom lip quivering a bit. He stared into the window of Arleen's World Famous Candies, practically drooling at the rows and rows of delicious sugar. "I want my candy damn it.." He started walking away, dragging his feet a little.
Oh the tragedy. Oh the sorrow!
The one day he actually convinces ol' mansex to let him go out, he gets to his favorite candy shop too late.
Just... damn.
Damn damn damn.

He continued walking down the side walk, heading toward the downtown area.
Sigh. At the rate he was going he'd probably be beaten then raped at gun point.

(;D I figured it was time to liven this place up a little! SO YEAH. NEW STORY FTW. Any one care to join Demmy-kins?)
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