That retard with the guitar (koromo) wrote in org13_crack,
That retard with the guitar

sigh.. another new rule?

well... I don't want be a nuge but...
New rule.
:x I figure its fair and is acceptable, but... if anyone thinks other wise just tell me k?

Please post at least once a month.

Thats all.

Also... If you don't like how casual this rp is, and how theres is no plot whatso ever, there is a reason for this maddness.
I can't think of a plot, and, I think every one would have more fun if wasn't rules rules rules. Which was why I was debating on whether this one should be added or not. Seemed like we had a bunch already..

But YEAH. If anyone would like to think of a plot or something, then maybe we can have a separate place for that? I'm sure at least a few would like some sort of direction. *nods* 
:x But yeah... any suggestions/waffles/comments?

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